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Hilarious job interviews!

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Haha! This is exactly what I was told when I went to look for the job of a waiter!


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This is a warning for me!!!

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What is your take on job fair?-have a good laugh over this!

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Asterix and Obelix handling a frustrating task, and here is how I relate to it!

This video somehow reminds me of my job hunt. My emails keep getting transferred from the recruiter, to the HR, to the hiring manager and then it gets lost somehow, and I never hear back from anyone anymore.

Here is one of the worst experiences I had while job hunting. I had sent out my resume to a senior scientist of a company hoping if he forwarded my email to the hiring manager, I might stand a chance of getting interviewed. I got really excited to receive an email the next morning saying my resume was forwarded to the HR and the hiring manager of the company, and they would contact me if there were any interest.

In an hour I got a voice message from the recruiter of the company saying he was eager to talk to me about a couple of openings.

I called him back soon and to my dismay he was the most offensive recruiter to talk to. He sounded overworked and had no clue why he called me up. He gave me a peace of his mind and said he had no idea why the HR forwarded my resume to him. He said my resume was not enough information to discuss about job openings. He was upset for not being able to pull up my information from the database (because I had not applied for the position through the company website, alright that makes sense). He was very eager to know whether an internal employee of the company referred me for the job. On top of that he said the job I applied for did not exist. He thought it could be a fake advertisement, so I had to email him the link for the job.

Here is what he wrote me back after this:

“Yes that would also be an I and T position….. Go ahead and apply to that one if interested.

We have so much happening it becomes confusing….”

I asked him if he could put me in touch with other recruiters in my city. He said he was the sole recruiter for all Molecular Biologists and Engineer positions at I and T in the entire west coast of the US! Alright, I and T has 75,000 employees, I have no clue how can someone as incompetent as him be the sole recruiter for ALL the molecular biology jobs in the west coast of the US!!!????!!!

I have been contacted by recruiters before via Linkedin and no one made a big deal for not applying through the company website!

Alright, now that I have vented out my anger at this recruiter I honestly feel much better! In fact the following quote has given me the motivation to keep going until I find a job!

“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice”- Wayne Dyer.

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Ahh, finally a sweet relief from unemployment!

Have a Happy Friday everyone!

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Educated, Un-employed and Frustrated

I happen to fall in this category, and I am shamelessly asking you the following questions:

Do you curse the education system?

Do you feel you could have done better if your parents allowed you to pursue the subject you loved the most?

Do you wonder what the HR and recruiters do to your emails and your resume?

Do you feel the schools and the universities are responsible to an extent to churn out the personality that can click with every interview?

Do you feel angry seeing people with much less qualifications and qualities doing much better in life?

How do you feel when you see, “Congratulate your friend on his new job”, on Linkedin while you are still struggling to get the first interview?

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