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Grades don’t matter:HAHA!

Look what I found!!

Grades don't matter!

PhD Comics: Grades don’t matter!
(originally published 6/21/2004)

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Embracing educational frustrations

For all the students out there, do you feel exams are the true yardstick to the student’s merit? Do you feel exams and grades make sense in the 21st century? Do you feel your TAs and professors do a good job inculcating a subject? Do you hold them responsible for ruining your interest in a subject?

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Do I fit in?
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Does it make sense to study a subject/course that we detest but it is mandatory to take it as a credit to finish our degree? Do you feel pressured by your family, peers, professors, and the society for scoring well in your exams? Do you feel you might be differentiated and treated like some one who “does not fit in” in your class in case you fail to secure decent grades in your exams?

Bad grades and failures are considered a taboo in many societies. One can face discrimination by friends and teachers in school if they fail to perform well and impress them. The bias towards good students among teachers and friends can make one quite lonely. This is something we have either witnessed or faced in our life.

I guess I could have loved certain subjects more if I was not under the pressure of pouring out my best within 1 h, hearing the clock ticking, and seeing the invigilator moving around restlessly in the room like a detective.The whole environment created for writing an exam makes the thing more stressful and the joy of learning and expanding our knowledge about a subject less cheerful.

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OMG! I am still stuck with the second question!
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I would like to hear if any of you have suffered from exam phobia (as I did), and what did you do to overcome it?

Do you feel exams are necessary since they allow us to learn about success and failure and know how to handle them in life? Or, do you think that there could be better ways of testing student skills?

Looking back I ask, why do grades decide our life? Grades might not truly reflect our merit. This is because there are several uncontrolled forces that govern our ability to perform well in exams. So many things must happen in concert for one to perform well in exams. But sadly the only deciding factor to our fate is our report card.

What is your take on this?

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