Facebook frustrations

15 Apr

How do you feel when your friends post pictures with big smiles and grandiose comments on Facebook? Research at a couple of German universities have shown that one out of every three Facebook users leave the website feeling envious, jealous and frustrated.  Are you one of them?

Here is what frustrates me about Facebook:

  • Receiving friend requests from relatives who I have not seen in the past 20 years and who are as old as my parents
  • Friends deliberately ridiculing my current status e.g. “How is your post doc going”? Or, “I heard you got married, is that true”?
  • Looking at the blowhard comments of my friends, some of which are listed below:
  • “As all ways Marriott is treating me like a King”!!! –from an acquaintance who visited Mariott for perhaps the second time.
  • “I am getting to spend so much time with myself, I am afraid I might fall in love with ME ;P”- someone who has come to the US for a post doc!
  • “If attending weddings, receptions, birthdays, casual invitations and other such social appearances had a remuneration attached to it then I would have become a billionaire by now”!!- whatever this is supposed to mean, what surprises me is that it has 14 likes…brrrr
  • “10 hours of Shopping started from 4 am across 5th Avenue, 15 hours of sleep!!!!!!! What a ‘Black Friday’ Celebration”- again I have no clue what this means, LOL
  • “Signed the offer acceptance form for my second postdoc”. “First day of my second postdoc”!- wow what an achievement—congratulations dude!
  • “I won the Photocontest (People Category) organized by McBain Camera for their Photographic Tradeshow, 2011.According to the McBain website Winning entries will be printed and displayed at the XYZ Photographic Trade Show on October 30, 2011″.Super happy!!!!:)” — am really happy for you too!
  • “Yay, what a nice surprise (a scholarship that I didn’t even apply for!) and that also day before B’day”!- really? this is surely unbelievable!
  • “F*** … I can’t believe this … I got invited for the second time to publish by a high impact factor journal for the second time within a month! I think I am going to choke !!! Yahoooooooooooooooooo … I am on the top of the world”— Mama Mia!

and the list continues……

I guess in the hindsight I keep going back to Facebook just to have a laugh over some of these larger than life comments of my friends…I love you Facebook, thanks for keeping me connected with all the fun!

What makes you feel angry when you look at your Facebook homepage, and how do you cope with this? Have you almost stopped using Facebook to stay away from the annoying posts? Is Facebook making you socially isolated and depressed instead of helping you network with your friends?

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Please copy and paste the most grandiloquent comment you have read on Facebook!

“Forget your enemies. It’s your friends you frustrate that cause all the problems”- Michael J. Tucker.

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