Surviving the “terrible teens”!

05 Apr

Teenage frustrations

As teenagers we often tend to feel the whole world and mostly our parents are against us, and they are our worst enemies.

Teens, do you identify yourself with the following?

  • Do your parents refrain you from hanging out with friends until late at night, or, refuse to pay the money for buying you a new car?
  • Are you strictly prohibited from attending parties, going to discos or pubs?
  • Are you discouraged from having a steady relationship – do your parents say this is the wrong age to experiment with relations, deal with it later in your life?
  • Do your parents always disapprove your dresses and your style?
  • Do your parents tell you, no increment in pocket money unless you get straight As in all the courses this semester?

To be honest I have faced most of the above issues as a teenager. I wondered, why is it all that I suggest start with a No, why do my parents fail to understand me?

As a teenager the most dramatic statements I have heard my parents make are:

How could you do this to us?

How can you say this to me?

We have done everything to make you happy, why are you being so selfish?

I guess the most important thing that helped me survive my teens is the bonding of understanding, trust, respect, and faith my parents constantly tried to build with me. Even when I was extremely hard to manage they would stay calm and patient, and deal with my idiosyncrasies. They were never too extreme with any rules and punishment. They were available to talk to me and listen to my concerns whenever I needed them. Looking back I feel lucky having survived my “terrible teens” and blessed for having my parents around!

How did you beat your teen frustrations?

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