Connecting with your spouse

05 Apr

Spouse frustrations

For all the wives,

  • Although you have a more demanding job than your husband, you are still expected to come home from work and cook for the entire family, and be the first to wake up in the morning to make the cuppa!
  • Do you ever feel your husband is taking you for granted simply because you do not have a job?
  • Doing the grocery, deciding the menu for the week (mind you it cannot be the same for lunch and dinner), packing your lunch box, doing the laundry, cleaning up the mess in the house, decorating the house, buying furniture- MUST be taken care of solely by the wife.
  • The kid has to be picked up early from the day care, or there is a parent’s teacher meeting at your son’s school today, or your daughter has to be taken to her ballet class (she has been arriving late for the last couple of weeks, so the teacher has warned her to come on time)- well the husband is busy with meetings and cannot take a leave from work, the wife has to take care of the entire situation (somehow, magically, even if this means cloning herself!)

For all the husbands,

  • Do you feel you have a nagging wife and no matter what you do for her you still fail to live up to her expectations?
  • She keeps reminding you of your duties towards your family, she dislikes the way you treat her parents
  • She is always talking about things in the wrong time
  • She is almost driving you crazy with her utterly melodramatic statements for the slightest difficulties in life
  • She says you do not spend enough time with her after you return home from work
  • She holds you responsible for all the fights, blames you and make you say sorry every time, and never apologize herself?

I am sure the list is endless and one can write a novel on this! Do share your views and opinions on spousal frustration!

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