Rivalry among siblings or cousins

02 Apr

Smarter sibling frustration

How did you feel since the birth of your sibling? Well, umm.. I guess you wanted to have a brother or a sister to play with so you were excited about it at first, but then somehow things changed – you had to grow up overnight and behave like a guardian even while you were barely 3/4 years old. You had to take care of your sibling and bear all his torture and tantrum. It actually got much worse than you expected when you both grew up. He turned out to be the smart ass and was light years ahead of you in every subject. He even solved all the math and physics problems you struggled with. He is still doing much better in life, while you are waiting for your first break!

Well I have a smarter sibling too! There were times when I felt, I wish I was as smart as him but, mostly I am proud of him and his achievements. What is frustrating for me is that I have still not figured out the reason for this intellectual disparity between us. I am still struggling to understand Mendel’s principle of inheritance of genes!

Here is what my brother once told me and it left me dumbstruck! He said he felt frustrated to be too smart! He felt like an alien since almost everyone around him was too slow, he would easily irritate people around him since they thought he never made the effort of explaining his answers, he was also mistaken as being insolent and arrogant since he failed to bring everyone to the same page every time he discussed something!

So I feel frustration is a bug that bites almost every person on this planet. If you have been bitten by the bug do tell us about it, we are eager to hear from you!

Smarter cousin frustration

If not for a smarter sibling it could be a smarter cousin of yours who you are always compared with. Why does it take you 30 m to solve this math problem when your cousin can solve it in 5 m? Why do you end up getting 50/100 in all your science subjects when your cousin has a near perfect score? Why can you not study for 8 h a day like your cousin instead of taking 1 h break between every 30 min? Why don’t you take some lessons on dressing and wearing the right make up from your cousin? Why could you not find yourself a girl friend as smart as your cousin’s?  Why, why, why?

Did you ever face this while growing up, and are you still facing it? Well then this is the right place to share it with us and have a good laugh over it!


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